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02-05 WRX

Blow Off Valves
Electronic / Engine Management
Fuel System
Suspension / Brakes
Headers/ Up-pipes
Nitrous Oxide
Alcohol Injection


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WRX RPS Street Disc - $580.00

Torque Cap: 400 Pressure Increase: +45%



WRX RPS Six Puck - $660.00

Torque Cap: 550 Pressure Increase: +45%



Agency Power WRX short throw shifter - $85.00

Agency Power short throw shifter. Fits 02+ WRX.



Agency Power WRX Shift Bushings - $37.00

Agency Power has redesigned the Subaru WRX 5 Speed Shifter Bushings to be the dominate transmission enhancement. Unlike the competitors, we use a nylon material which is much stiffer then the factory and urethane. The nylon shifter bushings fit in direct replacment of the factory bushings giving each shift a firm and responsive feel. Shifters bushings work great in conjunction with out Agency Power 5 Speed Short Shifter.



ACT WRX Street Clutch Kit - $545.00

This clutch kit for 02-05 WRX comes with Heavy Duty Pressure Plate, Street Disc, Release and Pilot Bearings. Torque Capacity: 411lb/ft



ACT WRX 4 Puck Sprung Clutch - $515.00

This clutch comes with a heavy duty pressure plate, 4 puck(sprung) disc, release and pilot bearings. Torque Capacity: 549 Ft/Lb



ACT WRX 6 Puck Sprung Clutch - $530.00

This clutch comes with a heavy duty pressure plate, 6 puck(sprung) disc, release and pilot bearings. Torque Capacity: 549 Ft/Lb



Exedy WRX Stage 1 Clutch - $470.00

The Exedy Stage 1 Clutch are made from high quality organic materials. They feature a higher torque capacity while retaining an easy to drive feel.



Exedy WRX Stage 2 Clutch - $550.00

The Exedy Stage 2 clutch features a unique design and a cerametallic friction material. This clutch has an 87% increase in torque capacity.



Exedy WRX Hyper Single Clutch - $1,175.00

The Exedy Hyper Single clutch kit features a high torque capacity and unique features that offer it smoothe engagement and excellent performance. It has been designed for street/track use in cars with approximately 400 horsepower. This clutch comes with a high quality chrome moly flywheel.



Exedy WRX Twin Plate Clutch - $1,745.00

The Exedy Twin Plate clutch is designed to handle abuse from high horsepower vehicles. It features cerametallic friction material and a distinct design allowing it to be street driven and reducing chatter. This clutch comes with a lightweight chrome moly flywheel.


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