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02-05 WRX

Blow Off Valves
Electronic / Engine Management
Fuel System
Suspension / Brakes
Headers/ Up-pipes
Nitrous Oxide
Alcohol Injection


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WRX/STI Perrin Crank Pulley - $125.00

Made from 6061T6 aluminum and weighing in at 1.2lbs, the PERRIN™ pulley is more then 4 lbs lighter then the stock crank pulley. The PERRIN™ pulley is not under driven and will not affect the life of your engine. The pulley is a redesigned, lighter rendering of the stock crank pulley. Aftermarket, under driven, pulleys are prone to charging and drivability problems from being excessively under driven. The PERRIN Performance lightened crank pulley will have no effect on your cars charging system.



Agency Power Subaru Crank Pulley - $125.00

The Agency Power pulley is the same diameter as the stock pulley. Keeping the diameter the same allows no issues to occur with the alternator as under driven pulleys do sometimes. Weighing only 1.0lbs, it is almost 5lbs lighter then stock. This is also the lightest crank pulley on the market. This gives you quicker throttle response as well as more horsepower and torque. Saving on rotating mass results in better performance.


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