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Apexi AFC NEO - $390.00

The SAFC NEO marks the newest edition to the world famous Super AFC line of piggy back fuel controllers. Building upon the powerful SAFC II, the AFC NEO has taken piggy back style fuel control to a new level. The AFC NEO boasts an incredible 16 points of user definable fuel correction. VTEC control has also been incorporated for Honda/Acura applications. A complete monitor mode is also available to keep the driver/tuner informed of critical engine data. Features include: - Completely new case design - Compact design - Incorporates both AFC and VAFC functions in one unit - 16 point fuel correction - Color FED display - User defined button and background colors - Inverted "anti-glare" screen Key functions include: MONITOR MODE- * RPM * Throttle * Battery voltage * Correction % * Air flow % * Pressure * Karmann * VTEC SETTING MODE- * Air map * Air map graph * Throttle point * Deceleration air * VTEC control * VTEC unmatch ETC MODE- * Model select * Mode select * Car select * Sensor select * Analog scale * Warning set * Display set * Sensor check CONCEPT: High resolution fuel control with integrated VTEC control. CHARACTERISTICS: Revolutionary color FED display easily customized by the user. *Not compatible with i-VTEC for controlling i-VTEC (can still be used as a fuel controller)* We are offering free shipping on this product right now.



AEM Fuel/ Ignition Controller - $390.00

The F/IC gives users with OBD-II vehicles and non-factory forced induction systems the ability to retard ignition and deliver accurate amounts of fuel without the need for outdated FMUs or “boost hiding” controllers. This system works parallel to the factory ECU preventing tuning limitations due to complex factory timing patterns and will not cause a check engine light (CEL). PRECISE FUEL DELIVERY The F/IC intercepts the signal to the stock injectors, allowing the user to modify pulse-width by +/-100%. The F/IC is the only piggy-back system that can decrease injector pulse-width, allowing the user to drive larger aftermarket injectors* while still maintaining proper air / fuel ratios. This powerful system can also tap into the factory injector signal and work independently to drive up to six (6) additional injectors. TIMING RETARD CONTROL The F/IC has the ability to retard timing by intercepting and delaying the outputs from the cam and crank position sensors to the engine- with no adverse affect on applications equipped with variable cam timing. The F/IC can retard timing from the factory system based on engine RPM and load inputs. SENSOR CALIBRATION & CONTROL The F/IC can also be used to recalibrate / clamp the MAF sensor, eliminating common problems with non-boosted factory MAFs. The on-board MAP sensor allows for proper fueling in boosted applicatons.


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