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Perrin PW-1 Water Injection Kit - $825.00

The PERRIN PWI-1 water/methanol injection system is designed to suppress detonation caused by high intake charge temperatures and or when the effective compression ratio has been taken beyond the auto ignition point (of fuel) by increased boost from a turbo or a supercharger. To suppress Detonation, a fine mist of a mixture of water and methanol is injected into the intake charge. Water, with its high latent heat content, and methanol, with its high octane rating, are extremely effective at controlling the onset of detonation. From this you can gain power from increasing timing, or leaning the engine out, or simply add a large margin of safety to your engine. By adding an extremely fine mist of water you can effectively add an additional intercooler to your vehicle. This lowers charge temperatures, reduces any tendency for detonation, and thus greatly improves horsepower and torque. Most clients will see gains in excess of 20WHP once tuned for! All while increasing safety and longevity of the engine.
This kit includes everything necessary for installation except a bottle.


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